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Showcasing exclusive DJ mixes from our past, upcoming party guests and Groovement Soul residents. Groovement Soul Residents:...

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July 17, 2013 02:12 AM PDT

It's an absolute pleasure to host this exclusive mix by Thatmanmonkz. We've had a very close eye on his progression for a while now and it's only fair we share his talent.

His new EP, Overproof , came out on vinyl this week with support from, Kerri Chandler, Charles Webster, Soulphiction, Tensnake, Anton Zap, Ugly Drums, X-Press 2, Semtek, Flori, Jimpster, Brothers Vibe, Luke Solomon, Jojo Flores, Lars Behrenroth, Kiko Navarro, Rainer Truby, Glenn Underground, Pablo Valentino, Nick Holder, Manoo, Ennio Styles, 6th Borough Project, Leftside Wobble, Phil Asher, Atjazz and too many more to mention!

teshno review
thatmanmonkz’s first ep on tone control was a noteworthy release and, happily, so is the follow up. the story goes that scott moncrieff was given a crash course in production by arctic monkeys producer ross orton, but he’s clearly put a lot of time in since, because there’s a real personality to his records in both the moods and grooves. ‘overproof,’ like most of this man’s productions, just has a lovely vibe to it: there’s plenty of vintage, humid space, it’s louche and frayed round the edges and is a pleasurable place to be. it feels like there is no real agenda to get you dancing or to take you somewhere you haven’t been, rather the aim is to infect your soul with breathy vocal samples, musical basslines and delicately jazzy chords then see what happens. of course, you will dance in the end, but mundane functionality never enters in to it.

‘right on’ is the jewel in this ep’s crown, though: a hunched and knackered kick drum trudges heavily beneath much more light-fingered, moodymann-esque keys. nice enough already, to be sure, but it’s the subtle funk of the tumbling bassline that really seals the deal. also infected with various whispy trumpets and spoken word snippets, this is music with real atmosphere and presence that’s like a recording of a bustling house party rather than a wholly synthesized world of beats and bass… it’s very human, essentially. on the flip, ‘the feeling’ is full of them – soulful, romantic, warming vibrations that run right through you as they do the music. heat damaged organ notes, the distant squelch of fingers sliding up and down guitar strings and some subtly balearic licks from the same instrument all make for a woody, organic listen that makes you feel as if you are cuddled away in some candle-lit basement. soulful is an oft-overused descriptor when it comes to house music, but this shit really is.

listen to, then buy it, at juno


1. Moodymann - The Thief That Stole My Sad Days (Ya' Blessin' Me) (KDJ)
2. Rhythm Plate - Dirty (Kolour Recordings)
3. thatmanmonkz - Overproof (Tone Control Music)
4. Pablo Valentino - Old New Swing (City Fly)
5. Waze and Odyssey - I Want You, You, You (Throne Of Blood)
6. Rick Wade - Can't You See (Robsoul Recordings)
7. Rick Wilhite - Get On Up (Theo's Late Dub) (KDJ)
8. M.C.D.E - Send A Prayer Pt.2 (Faces/MCDE)
9. thatmanmonkz - Don't Sleep (Demo) (Unreleased)
10. Chez Damier - Untitled (KMS)
11. Roman Flugel - Even More (Clone Jack For Days Series)
12. Romanthony - The Wanderer (Fusion Dubb) (Prescription)
13. Cajmere ft. Dajae - Brighter Days (Underground Trance) (Cajual)
14. Radiohead - Fitter, Happier (Outro Edit) (EMI)


May 21, 2013 03:56 AM PDT

It's with great pleasure that we bring you this exclusive Groovement Soul podcast courtesy of Mark Dixon. Mark provided many Dublin vinyl addicts with their weekly fix of wax for many years in Phuturegroove records and DJ'd at many club nights around the city including Loose at POD and The Hustle to name but a few. This mix has been on heavy rotation since it hit our inbox so turn it up and enjoy.

1. 6th Bourough Project - String a lude

2. Billy Paul - Me and Mrs jones (Ramsey Hercules edit)
3. Robert Glasper feat. Erykah Badu - Afro Blue
4. Gil Scott Heron - Home Is Where Where the hatred Is (Ramsey Hercules edit)
5. Projections - Backbone (Original mix)
6. Lional Richie - Love Will Find (LNTG edit)
7. Chaka Khan - Move Me No Mountain (LNTG edit)
8. Jamiroquai - Too Young to Die (George Kelly dub)
9. Lay Far - Bennies Deal
10. Replika - Different Games
11. Ashley Beedle - That's The Thing
12. 78 edits - Sing It Low
13. Boddhi Sativa - Ngnari Konon' (Vega Dj Tool)
14. Rainer Trueby - Welcome To Our World (Session Victim Remix)

March 11, 2013 04:49 PM PDT


Kev will be joining us for what has become his annual hop accross the pond and if you caught Kev last year @ The Grand Social you will understand the broad range of music styles that you will hear on the night, from latin grooves to house or techno with the emphasis on the party and making you dance.

1. Spinnerty – 53 Pick Up
2. Innerzone Orchestra – People Make The World (KDJ Remix)
3. MCDE – Send A Prayer Pt 2
4. Brisa – The Soul
5. Phrij – Zigzaggard
6. Toro y Moi - Say You Will
7. Romare - Your Love
8. BBF ft Jamie Lidell – Broken Pieces

Check Kev's Mindfluid Show:

Blog page:

September 26, 2012 09:21 AM PDT

Groovement Soul Podcast No.14 is Leftside Wobble's live set from our monthly residency in The Grand Social on the 29th September 2012. Check the grooves that rocked the party on the night.

Questions by Colin Leopold

Q: Where is your favourite place to (a) have a beer (b) have a dance (c) eat dinner?
A: Not that I'm swerving the question but in all three cases it's anywhere where the company is great.

Q: Do you think there are less boundaries between soulful music in 2012?
A: If anything, I think over time dance music has become even more controlled by ever more micro genres. In the 80s before the advent of house music, the better clubs weren't afraid to book DJ's that played diverse music that crossed genre boundaries. New York DJ's such as Mark Kamins, John 'Jellybean' Benitez, Arthur Baker and Francois K were so good at putting together diverse sets that fused multiple musical influences together. Those DJ's have probably been my biggest influence.

Q: What advice would you give to best join the dots in a DJ set?
For me, it's about being in tune with the crowd and not being afraid to play with the mood and energy of the room through the music you're playing.

Q: What DJs do you listen to?
A: As many as I can. Monday's generally involve me booting up the iPlayer to listen to Giles Petersens show but I also ensure I download mixes from my favourite club DJ's. People like Chris Duckenfield, Gerd Jensen and Move D.

Q: You worked a lot with Dazed and Confused magazine in the 90s, what magazine do you read these days and if you could set up your own non-music magazine what would it cover and what would it be called?
A: Most of my reading habits have moved to digital media formats these days, but I still keep an eye on what's happening in print publishing via a great blog called Magculture. It specialises in finding those really interesting micro publishing titles that cross the boundaries between culture, fashion and music. From a digital sperspective though, I'm really excited by tablets as a magazine format. There's a really great iPad magazine called Letter To Jane the reminds me very much of the early days of Dazed & Confused in the way that it does really original stuff with it's publishing medium. In the same way that Dazed made you think differently about print media, Letter To Jane does the same with interactive media. Not that I've got any ambition to set up my own magazine, but if I did it would definitely be something for digital tablets. As for a name, Jefferson Hack got there first when he named his Dazed & Confused spin-off Another Magazine.

Q: Where do you find your new music? Name your hottest recent discovery or 'one to watch'?
A: Soundcloud has obviously become a very important source of music discovery for me in recent years as I love the direct contact with artists it provides which isn't coloured by the opinions of others such as music journalists or record store employees. I obviously don't rely solely on Soundcloud for music discovery, but I just try to ensure my ears/eyes are always open, whatever the source – radio, social media, email newsletters, promos etc. The most exciting band I've discovered this year is a band called Public Service Broadcasting – so hard to describe but in a strange way they remind me of Lemonjelly. Search out a track of theirs called Spitfire on YouTube and you'll get what I mean, the visuals are such an integral part of their music.

Q: You did an edit of The Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows. Who's your favourite Beatle and why? |
A: That's a really hard one as it constantly flips between John Lennon and George Harrison. At the moment it's George but probably only because I recently bought the Martin Scorsese documentary about his life 'Living In The Material World'. I've just been asked to DJ at an evening to launch the DVD/Blue Ray release of The Beatles 'Magical Mystery Tour' movie so my opinion will probably change again after I've been exposed to the psychedelic joys that evening brings!

Q: What's the last country you visited to DJ and what was your best, and worst memory of it?
A: I've just got back from Barcelona, where I was DJing for a night called Playtime. It was at a brand new venue on the Ramblas which if I'm to be totally honest, I had grave reservations about seeing as the Ramblas is in the centre of Barcelonas tourist district. But it was a fantastic little club with the best small club sound system I've come across outside of London's Plastic People. My favourite memory of the weekend was meeting so many friends that I've made over the last few years through things like Soundcloud. It's a beautifully strange sensation when you feel you know somebody pretty well but you're only meeting them face to face for the first time. The worst part of the weekend was arriving back at my hotel for a quick kip 15 minutes before check-out and finding out that my room was already booked by somebody else so I had no way of bribing the staff into allowing me an extra couple of hours in the room!

Q: Did you go to Notting Hill Carnival this year? How was it and what are your top three essentials to bring to make it a good Carnival?
A: Notting Hill Carnival is one of my highlights of the year and I'm lucky enough to DJ on what for me is Carnivals best sound system – Sancho Panza. I also run an after party with the Sancho crew on the Sunday night. As for three essentials, 1.) A smile 2.) Your dancing feet 3.) Some form of carnival guilty pleasure – pick your own!

July 17, 2012 06:57 AM PDT

Groovement Soul Podcast episode NO.13 is an exclusive disco mix compiled by Million Dollar Disco don Al Kent as a teaser for his upcoming gig with us in The Grand Social on the 25th August 2012. It's a straight up disco mix packed with gems and everyone at Groovement Soul HQ is really digging the vibes.

Questions compiled by Colin Leopold and Keith Dalton 

Q. You played Southport Weekender in May. How has it changed from recent years and what time did you make it to bed?

A. It's changed quite a bit because they have the new venue now. Not in a bad way, it just feels a bit different. Still the same people loving the same music though. And that's what makes it what it is, so it's all good. The Connoisseur's Corner is a much better room now, much bigger, better atmosphere. It's not like it was back in the day though - not as many moustaches for a start.
  I think I got to bed at 7am or so. It's hard to leave because there's always something going on.

Q.With so many old and new disco compilations out there, how do you go about sourcing tunes and giving listeners something different?

A. I don't know.. I just buy records I like when I can find them. It's got harder in the last few years though because more and more people are chasing the same records. But I try to avoid getting involved in all that.. there's still plenty of records out there that are gathering dust with my name on them.

Q. You are well-known for having an extensive record collection of disco rarities. If you arrived home to find your house burning down, what one record would you run in to save and why?

A. It would have to be Walter Gibbons' mix of Gladys Knight. Because I love Walter and that's an expensive one to replace. All my Walter records are stored together though so I'd probably cheat and grab them all.

Q. Searching for old records can bring you across some strange characters and situations. What's the weirdest record buying experience you've had in the search for a beat?

A. Probably a guy I met at a record fair in Glasgow who had a crate of not bad disco stuff, told me he had a warehouse full of it in London so we arranged for me to go down. He probably thought I wouldn't show up, but I did.. he seemed a little freaked out when I called to say I'd arrived, then he took me to his "warehouse" - a lockup garage on some dodgy estate that had obviously been flooded daily for a decade, full of really shit pop records floating in mud. You always get bullshitters - guys who've got tons of records that they never let you see. Record collectors are weird.

Q. What effect has the popularity of Soundcloud had on you as a dj and releaser of music?

A. None! I avoid it as much as I can. I do have an account, and I do update my stuff occasionally, but not often. There's just too much garbage on there to wade through. Most of it seems pointless.. just people desperate for comments.

Q. What's the secret to a good disco edit? Any new names to watch out for and what are they doing differently?

A. I don't really know the answer to that. But editing is like production.. it takes a certain level of skill, and a good ear, a good understanding of music. There's too many people think that making a played out disco record a bit longer is a good idea. Soundcloud's full of that.

Q. Tell me about the Scottish music scene. What do you love and hate about living in Glasgow?

A. Scotland's always had a great music scene, especially Glasgow. But things are getting tough now because there aren't as many people left who are genuinely into good music. We've all got a bit older and nights out happen less often so it's hard to get the crowds that used to be out every weekend. Which means a lot of really good parties can't compete. It's a real labour of love, which actually makes for better parties, but also means a lot of potentially great ones fall on their arse.. It's the same everywhere now though. Young people just want cheap drinks and not many seem to have great taste in music.

A. I love Glasgow because it's my home.. I know it like the back of my hand. There's not really anything I hate about it. It's kind of annoying that I have to fly half way across the world to get gigs though.

Q. In 2008 you launched a live disco project with an orchestra under the Million Dollar Disco moniker, tell me a little about how this came together. What was the biggest challenge in such a grand project?

A. It was really just an idea to add some live musicians to my productions that grew wings. I started with some keys, then found a bass player and eventually ended up with twenty musicians, including a horn and string section.
  The biggest challenge was really just finding enough channels on the desk for all the parts we recorded!

Q. A lot of the best disco is about vocals. What makes a 'good song' in your opinion?

A. Soul. Anything sung with real passion has the potential to be a great song. I love lyrics too - that's something that's becoming a bit of a lost art.

Q. How important is the artwork of your compilations to you? Is this your own work and if so how did you get into it?

A. Yes, I do it all myself. It's really important to me - I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I couldn't really let anyone else do something like that for me. I'd just tear it to shreds. I'd be the worst client ever.
   I've always been into art, especially graphics. I do quite a bit of that stuff.

Find out more about the Al Kent story.


Al Kent - Open Up Your Mind

2. L.T.D. - Love To The World (edit)
3. Fatback - Master Booty (edit)
4. Sandy Barber - I Think I'll Do Some Stepping On My Own (Al Kent Classic Mix)
5. Disc & That - Space walk (edit)
6. Carol Williams - Love Is You (edit)
7. Ross carnegie - f Minor Disco (edit)
8. B.H.Y. - Handle Me With Care (edit)
9. Cameo - It's serious (edit)
10. Dillard & Johnson - Here We Go Loving Again (edit)
11. Seventh Wonder - Do It With Your Body (edit)
12. Rhani Harris - Six Million Steps (edit)
13. Loleatta Holloway - Ripped Off (edit)
14. Mass Production - Can't You See I'm Fired Up (edit)
15. Southern Exposure - Love Is (edit)

Resident Advisor Page
Million Dollar Disco Website

Discogs Page

July 04, 2012 11:53 PM PDT

Future Boogie Part II is a guest mix by Groovement Soul Resident Glenn Davis for the Multi Storey Soul show on RTE Pulse.


May 23, 2012 05:28 AM PDT

This is a re-creation of the DJ set I played at Southport Weekender 48 May 2012 in the Suncebeat Dome.
There was a great vibe in the Dome all weekend and it is a great addition to the festival.
To many highlights at SPW 48 to mention. Counting the days to SPW 49smiley

1. Abu Maxim & The Pretorian Steppas - Sometimes
2. Pollyn - Sometimes you just know (Moodymann Remix)
3. Cecilia Stalin - CPW (Luvbug Future Boogie Mix)
4. Solomun - Daddy's Jam (original mix)
5. Horse With No Name feat. Karl Frierson (Marlow & Trueby Refix)
6. Afronaut feat: Suheir Hammad - Eye Will Not L8 nite procession mix
7. Latecomer - Cosmic Cart (Laroye remix)
8. Incognito - Freedom To Love (Atjazz Astro remix)
9. Havana Cultura Band - Agita (Sunlightsquare Rumba mix)
10. Christian Prommer - Chocopop Jazz
11. Recloose - Feels Like Magic feat: B Slade - C2 edit

February 15, 2012 04:46 PM PST

What better way to celebrate the 10th installment of our podcast than with another quality Groovement Soul Mix courtesy of resident Glenn Davis.
The mix is a future boogie wonderland packed with new and old goodies.
Enjoy. d._.b


1. Kitano - Going Home
2. Behling & Simpson - Left Behind
3. The System feat. Capleton The System (Petalpusher Salted Disco Dub)
4. Lay-Far - Yellow
5. Solumon - Daddy's Jam
6. Motorcitysoul - Carry On Cruising
7. Joy - Joy (James Johnston Remix)
8. YSE feat Beckford - Worry
9. Daniel Solar - Needin' You
10. Dimitri Max - Make It Last
11. J Boogie's Dubtronic Science - Go To Work (Hot Toddy Remix)
12. Jazzy Jens - Undisputed
13 The Players Union - Pick Up The Telephone
14. Sherrick - Just Call

December 17, 2011 09:28 AM PST

Groovement Soul Podcast episode NO.9 is a mix of strictly Local Talk material. We would like to thank Mad Mats for this exclusive compilation of past, future and promo releases from our favorite new house label.

Behind the Local Talk label are renowned DJ and club promoter Mad Mats (Raw Fusion / GAMM) and Tooli (24:HRS) who’s well known in the Stockholm nightlife for his highly acclaimed 24:HRS party and blog. The two of them joined forces and Local Talk is the first step in creating a new platform for their deep love of house music.

A tracklist with links to buy tracks is available below the interview.

Questions by Colin Leopold

Q. Your new label Local Talk has an unmistakable classic sound to it, how do you draw on retro influences while still sounding fresh and new?
A. Both of us have been listening, playing, loving all types of music for many years so perhaps that something that's reflected in the musical output, but otherwise we don't think so much about that, we release tracks we like, simple as that.

Q. With Basic Fingers also on the go and plans for more labels, what's the most fun part of running a label - and what part do you enjoy the least?
A. The most fun is when you hear your releases played in a club and to see the crowd reaction. The worst is all the paperwork.

Q. Does having a number of labels make it easier to promote music or harder - is there any friendly rivalry between the labels?
A. No, the labels are separate from each other, it's definitely not a rivalry, just a little bit more work to take care of. We love them both as they where our little children.

Q. I'm 14 years old living in New York and I've just found a load of classic house mp3s online, explain to me why vinyl is still relevant?
A. Well, we think its simply a matter of taste. Some people like the vinyl feel and some don't. But as long peeps still have a need for label artwork, vinyl touch and an urge to buy their  music in physical shops its always gonna be relevant.

Q. What makes Sweden unique to live in? Is there a 'Swedish house sound' - can you describe it?
A. Good coffee? To be honest I don’t know if there’s a specific house sound, people used to talk about the Swedish techno sound (loop-based & compressed beats with some percussive elements) but with house, at least where we come from I’d say it’s more influenced from other countries and cities. There’s been a few labels in Sweden that perhaps stod out but nowadays it’s a mix of lot’s of different thing. Local Talk for instance is just our reflection of house, and it can be from anywhere, sounding like it’s done years ago or today. 

Q. With so much new music out there all around the world, how do you source new artists for your labels?
A. Well, as we know alot of people and get sent demos on a regular basis we have pretty good selection out there. But many times the best way to get together a hot release is actually to ask a producer to make a release for us and then give them some pointers of what we're after.

Q. How do you quality control your releases - has there ever been a disagreement among you all over a tune or release? How did you resolve it?
A. We listen to the tracks together and talk about what we like and don’t like, and I’d say in 99% we agree with each other, we both share the same vision of what the music released on Local Talk should sound like.

Q. What's the most fun gig you played out in 2011 and why (Question for both of you)?
A. In April we did this illegal warehouseparty in Stockholm called Raw Devotion (Raw Fusion vs Club Devotion) which was off the hook. This music was totally freestyle and we played  absolutely anything we wanted...crazy! (Mad Mats)
A. One I do remember was back in February I played with Brennan Green and it took less than 60 seconds from the club opened to have a dancefloor. I put on the first record, turned around to check something in the record bag and when I looked back we had lot’s of people dancing and cheering. I could not belive it…and they stayed there the whole night. (Tooli)

Q. Have you played in Dublin before and, if so, what was your impression of the scene?
A. Yes, 4-5 times (Mad Mats) and from what I can remember you guys got a really up for it crowd...always had a great time! Last time was with Mark Murphy (Choice Cuts?) and it was more of a funk, disco, hip hop party (Mad Mats).
A. Nope, but I hope it won’t take long before I get the opportunity  winking (Tooli)

Q. If you could travel back in time to any period (regardless of music), when would it be and why?
A. I don't wanna go back...I wanna go forward winking (Mad Mats)
A. Not sure,  I’m very happy where I am at the moment and would not like to change it. Cliché answer…(Tooli)

Q. What would be your death row meal?
A. A really bloody steak (Mad Mats).
A. Ice-Cream, love it and can’t live without it (Tooli).

Q. Apart from music, what are the three essential ingredients for a good party?
A. A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin'

TRACKLIST (with links to buy)
1. Circulation - The Return, Original Mix

2. Circulation - The Return, Prommer & Barck Remix
4. Actual Proof - The Grit, Original Disco Mix
5. Deymare - Keep In Movin'
6. Shane Linehan - Do You Remember Who You Are
7. Wil Maddams - Cut & Cap
8. Dirtytwo - Moody, Original Mix
9. Fulbert - I Like It
10. Chesus x Organ Grinder - The Experience (working title)
11. Wil Maddams - Handle The Change
12. Tanzlife - Heart Attack
13. Kyodai - Breaking (working title)
14. Andreas Saag - Wilderness
15. Enzo - Untitled
16. Bassfort - Moon Shadow

More Local Talk:
Resident Advisor

December 05, 2011 12:52 PM PST

GS Podcast Episode 08 is brought to you courtesy of Tomson (Development Music, Manchester). Tomson will also be joining us on the 28th Jan 2012 to spin at our new monthly in The Grand Social Dublin.

Known predominantly for his long standing tenure as promoter, resident and label owner for the renowned Development collective in Manchester UK, Tom Lynch aka Tomson has crammed a lot into his 28 years to date. Having played alongside luminaries such as Masters at Work, Ron Trent, Lil’ Louis, Danny Krivit, Osunlade, Dixon, Larry Heard and many others, Tom has also helped spread the consistently de...ep Development Music sound with regular appearances around the UK's best underground party spots as well as tours to foreign shores with gigs in Ibiza, Croatia, South Africa and more.

As a solo artist and alongside regular partner in crime Benedict, Tomson has remixed for artists such as Atjazz, Paris Brightledge, Ronnie Ron, Flowriders and Tone Control. A slew of original productions have followed with a debut single featuring the stunning vocals of Paul Randolph on Deepermotions Music, backed up by the much lauded 'Rainy Things' EP on London's world-renowned Freerange Records. The latter received support and plays from artists ranging from Josh Wink and Laurent Garnier to Deetron and Paul Woolford, who featured the tracky Telepathy Dub on his Radio 1 Essential Mix.

Taking his influences in equal measure from soul and hip hop as deep house and techno, Tomson's music comfortably morphs together inspirations old and new. This forward thinking sound has found it's way onto labels such as Freerange, Tone Control, Deepermotions, NYSoul, Development Music and Pep Sounds; with 2011 releases scheduled on U.S. labels Kolour and Smooth Agent, as well as a return to Tone Control, Freerange and a debut on Huddtraxx.

1. Change – Hard times
2. Skipworth & Turner – Thinking about your love
3. Deodato – Keep on moving
4. Ashford & Simpson – It seems to hang on
5. Geraldine Hunt – Can’t fake the feeling (dub)
6. James Johnston – After everything
7. Osunlade – I’m happy
8. DJ Trio – Aug 29
9. Version – Nothing (Atjazz Mix)
10. Alex Kidd – Class of 95
11. Norma Jean Bell – Do you wanna party
12. Phlash – Raining sound
13. Blaze ft. Alexander Hope - Brothers and sisters
14. Pepe Bradock – Deep burnt
15. Alex Agore – I don’t know why
16. Cassioware – Baby love (chord mix)
17. Tomson & Benedict ft Bantu Soul – Blind (Opolopo Remix)

More Tomson:

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